Granite County Phone Book
The GRANITE COUNTY PHONE BOOK is published annually by the Rotary Club of Philipsburg, Montana. Phone numbers WILL NOT be published or used for any other purpose than listing in this annually printed, hard-copy phone book. All phone book proceeds will support the community work of Philipsburg Rotary. If you have questions or would like to ADVERTISE in the phone book, please send an email to:
Pricing for specialty listing and advertisements:
There is no charge for your basic name and phone number listing. Other item listings are:
  • $30 For bold-facing your name and telephone listing.
  • $200 For placement Advertisement on the PHONE BOOK cover.
  • $125 For inside space Advertisement
To insert a FREE LISTING of your telephone of mobile number, simple scan the QR Code below with your smartphone camera (or click on it) and you will be forwarded to our link: ANNUAL GRANITE COUNTY PHONE BOOK Rotary Data Base