Welcome to the Rotary Club of Philipsburg

Founded in 1924, the Philipsburg Rotary Club has grown to be the largest philanthropic organization in Granite County, Montana.   Located in an historic silver mining town the club has been especially active since the millennium.  In 2003 it began an effort to create a community ice rink and amphitheater on land donated by a club member’s family.  The hillside arena has since seen concerts for up to 3,000 people and now has refrigeration for all-winter free ice skating including adult and youth hockey.  Recently the club has purchased and remodeled a building adjoining the arena that now serves as the community’s licensed child care facility.  These major projects are in addition to fund raising for other local charities and an ongoing annual Christmas wreath program.
Club News

This August will mark the Twelfth Annual Rotary Concert and Charity Auction at Winninghoff Park.   Three bands will perform during the Saturday afternoon event and a live and silent auction will raise funds for Flint Creek Child Care and other charities.   The family friendly event is considered one of the best in small town Montana. 


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